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Dekolux Structure TG
Decorative plaster

Dekolux Structure TG

Thin-layered decorative acrylic plaster. Intended for permanent applications in interiors, with a texture resulting from the method of application and type of used tool. It is used for wall and ceiling plastering in residential interiors and in public utility buildings. It is resistant to washing when painted with the Luxmal finish trowelling. Thanks to Dekolux, you can easily and quickly achieve interesting patterns and textures that imitate old plaster, leather, old sheet metal, forged copper, effect of leaves and many other structures resistant to washing. Appealing effects can be achieved from colouring Dekolux with pigments and colourful finish trowelling or opalescent varnishes. The plaster is intended for all old and new support plasterwork, plasterboards, previously painted surfaces primed with a suitable primer. In the future, you will not have to peel off plaster, instead it will be sufficient to paint it with paint resistant to washing and change the finish trowelling’s colour. The plaster is characterised by incredible flexibility, durability and ease of application.

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